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The surprisingly potent

If there's one thing I've learned from making smoothies, it's how surprisingly potent certain fruits and vegetables are. Case in point: the most potent fruit I've used is watermelon and the most potent veggie is celery. What do these two have in common? Water! How can two things that are known for being full of water completely take over the taste of a smoothie?


Two other potent fruits I've found are raspberries and bananas. Now, I knew that bananas were potent enough to hijack the taste of a smoothie - which is why I never use them - but I didn't expect raspberries to do the same thing. Boy, a few raspberries goes a loooong way! I guess this is a good thing since when I use raspberries, I put them in the juice by themselves and attempt to pulverize the shit out of them before adding everything else. The fewer raspberries needed, the easier to get rid of those pesky seeds.

On the other hand, strawberries are surprisingly not potent. Despite their strong taste and smell, when you add them to a smoothie they seem to disappear. I add them to every smoothie I make mostly for bulk because they honestly don't add much flavor (which makes me sad). I suspect the fact that they are one of the fruits that doesn't have much sugar may play a role in their lack of flavor, but I'm not really sure.

Finally, as I've mentioned before, I found quite a difference in taste when you add spinach vs. kale. Unlike what I had heard, spinach really added quite a bit of flavor, whereas kale did not. However, I have found a workaround for spinach - cooking it. More specifically, I steam the spinach and then freeze it. For whatever reason, it doesn't add much flavor cooked. Go figure!

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I bought some celery to try with my smoothies. I thought it would be a good idea to blend in some more vegetables. Well, as I'm sure you can tell by the title of this post, it didn't exactly turn out well. I mean I was able to drink it, but the aftertaste was awful and I definitely wouldn't make it again without at least some adjustment to the recipe. Here's what I included:

- Pear Juice
- Fresh Celery + Celery Leaves
- Pineapple
- Spinach
- Kale

Does this recipe look familiar? Well, I based it off of one of my favorite smoothies I've made so far: Hawaiian Pear + Pineapple. For that smoothie, I used Whole Foods' Hawaiian Pear juice and for this one I attempted to make my own sort of concoction, which, sadly, didn't really work out. As the title says, I went from favorite to fail. :(

I have to say, I'm totally surprised by how potent celery is when you add it to a smoothie! It really takes over the taste, which is surprising since it's mostly just water. Watermelon is the same way.

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Sour Apple Cranberry Smoothie

OMG this smoothie! Let me start by saying if you love sour stuff, you'll LOVE this smoothie. This one is my husband's favorite by far - in fact, he won't drink anything else. I have to admit - although I don't like it as sour as he does - this smoothie is bomb!

- Apple Juice
- Strawberries (only a few)
- Cranberries
- Kale
- Flaxseed

You actually have to be careful with the ratios on this one. Too much apple juice really takes over the flavor and makes it less sour. Too many cranberries makes it really sour - my husband adds a ton. The kale and the flaxseed don't do much to the taste either way (though my husband does refuse to use them because it's slightly less sour with them).

I will say that the Vitamix does not like this combo. I mean it still does it's job - don't get me wrong - but you need the tamper more. I think it's because the cranberries are just the right size to create little air pockets and you really can't use much juice/liquid without really losing that delicious sourness.

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So, as I mentioned, one of the reasons I wanted to splurge on a really good Vitamix blender was to be able to use raspberries and blackberries in my smoothies without having to worry about the seeds. This smoothie was my test:

- Guava Juice
- Raspberries
- Kale
- Flaxseed

The smoothie was delicious and the blender (mostly) passed the test, though I think I could've blended the raspberries longer for better results.

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This smoothie is actually one of my favorites! My husband, on the other hand, thinks it looks gross and tastes terrible. He prefers the sour smoothies (more recipes to come on that) and usually sticks to fruit only. This one is heavier on the veggies as I'm using one of Whole Food's cold-pressed raw juices, which is already a mix of fruits and veggies, as the base:

Whole Foods Hawaiian Pear Pressed Juice

- Hawaiian Pear Juice:
kale, spinach, celery, pear, pineapple
- Pineapple
- Kale
- Flaxseed

I guess it seems weird to add more pineapple and more kale to a juice that already has both, but it's a delicious combo!

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