Ninja RobynWed, 6 Jul 2016 12:26pm


Sour Apple Cranberry Smoothie

OMG this smoothie! Let me start by saying if you love sour stuff, you'll LOVE this smoothie. This one is my husband's favorite by far - in fact, he won't drink anything else. I have to admit - although I don't like it as sour as he does - this smoothie is bomb!

- Apple Juice
- Strawberries (only a few)
- Cranberries
- Kale
- Flaxseed

You actually have to be careful with the ratios on this one. Too much apple juice really takes over the flavor and makes it less sour. Too many cranberries makes it really sour - my husband adds a ton. The kale and the flaxseed don't do much to the taste either way (though my husband does refuse to use them because it's slightly less sour with them).

I will say that the Vitamix does not like this combo. I mean it still does it's job - don't get me wrong - but you need the tamper more. I think it's because the cranberries are just the right size to create little air pockets and you really can't use much juice/liquid without really losing that delicious sourness.

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