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This smoothie is actually one of my favorites! My husband, on the other hand, thinks it looks gross and tastes terrible. He prefers the sour smoothies (more recipes to come on that) and usually sticks to fruit only. This one is heavier on the veggies as I'm using one of Whole Food's cold-pressed raw juices, which is already a mix of fruits and veggies, as the base:

Whole Foods Hawaiian Pear Pressed Juice

- Hawaiian Pear Juice:
kale, spinach, celery, pear, pineapple
- Pineapple
- Kale
- Flaxseed

I guess it seems weird to add more pineapple and more kale to a juice that already has both, but it's a delicious combo!

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One of my favorite juices is Hawaii's famous POG or Passion Orange Guava. Specifically, I love guava, so, of course, I had to get some guava juice for smoothies. I combined it with a few delicious ingredients and the result was awesome:

- Guava Juice
- Strawberries
- Pineapple
- Kale
- Chia Seeds

Verdict: delicious!

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Since I'm trying to eat more vegetables, I decided to add some basil to my pizza (I love margherita pizza). As it turns out, buying a small amout of basil isn't all that easy, so I figured I'd use the leftovers in smoothies. Strawberry basil lemonade was the first thing that came to mind, so I decided to try it out:

- Lemon Juice
- Strawberries
- Basil
- Honey
- Chia Seeds
- Water (add this last!)

In my first adventure with lemonade, I added way too much water, so this time I blended everything without the water and added it after, which was much easier to guage. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how strong basil is and I had to add a lot of extra strawberries and even a little more lemon juice so it wasn't so basily. I only used two leaves, so be cautious!

I also tried out blackberry basil lemonade the next day. This was my first blackberry drink and I was interested to see how the Vitamix would handle the seeds. It did not disappoint!

Blackberry Basil Lemonade in Vitamix

I used pretty much the same ingredients for the blackberry basil lemonade, except I didn't include the chia seeds because I figured there were already enough seeds going on with the blackberries.

- Lemon Juice
- Blackberries
- Basil
- Honey
- Water

I don't love adding sugar to my smoothies (even in the form of honey), but you really need at least a little if you're using lemon juice.

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Through my many trials and tirbulations of smoothie making I have been pretty lucky with only a few failures. So far, I have only not finished and poured out two and this is one of them:

- Aloe
- Apple Juice
- Watermelon Juice
- Cherries
- Lime Juice

I started it off with apple and watermelon juice because I had fresh apple-watermelon juice at this tiny little juice stand in Kathmandu, Nepal last year and it was so good! But then, I made the mistake of adding cherries to it. And then, I made the even bigger mistake of adding what turned out to be more than a little lime.

After that the apple-watermelon-cherry (the aloe really doesn't add any taste, so I don't count that) wasn't very good, I was thinking that I'd try lime since cherry-lime is a thing. Well, it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. It was so bad, I have since not made anything else with cherry or lime. Seriously, don't try this one!

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My Amazing Red Vitamix

I couldn't be happier with my amazing Vitamix! After our old blender wasn't cutting it (literally), I did a bunch of research and decided on a Reconditioned Vitamix. I wanted something that could get rid of raspberry and blackberry seeds and this absolutely does the trick! Plus, I love the red and it matches my Kitchenaid mixer.

The Vitamix comes with a recipe book and boy this thing can make anything! It even makes soup and heats it up for you from the friction on the blades! In addition to smoothies, so far I've made some delicious hummus, enchilada sauce, pesto sauce, and raspberry  vinaigrette salad dressing with real raspberries (but thankfully no seeds!). Recipes to come...