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Since I'm trying to eat more vegetables, I decided to add some basil to my pizza (I love margherita pizza). As it turns out, buying a small amout of basil isn't all that easy, so I figured I'd use the leftovers in smoothies. Strawberry basil lemonade was the first thing that came to mind, so I decided to try it out:

- Lemon Juice
- Strawberries
- Basil
- Honey
- Chia Seeds
- Water (add this last!)

In my first adventure with lemonade, I added way too much water, so this time I blended everything without the water and added it after, which was much easier to guage. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how strong basil is and I had to add a lot of extra strawberries and even a little more lemon juice so it wasn't so basily. I only used two leaves, so be cautious!

I also tried out blackberry basil lemonade the next day. This was my first blackberry drink and I was interested to see how the Vitamix would handle the seeds. It did not disappoint!

Blackberry Basil Lemonade in Vitamix

I used pretty much the same ingredients for the blackberry basil lemonade, except I didn't include the chia seeds because I figured there were already enough seeds going on with the blackberries.

- Lemon Juice
- Blackberries
- Basil
- Honey
- Water

I don't love adding sugar to my smoothies (even in the form of honey), but you really need at least a little if you're using lemon juice.