Robyn Norgan Summit Split

Me doing my "summit split" at the summit of Montara Mountain overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean​​


My name is Robyn Norgan. I'm a native Californian from the SF Bay Area. Living so close to the "breadbasket of the world" coupled with childhood trips to my aunt and uncle's house where they grew many of varieties of fruit has given me a strong love of fruit. Unfortunately, being a picky eater and supertaster all my life means I don't have that same love for vegetables. This year, I decided to try and incorporate more vegetables into my life by combining them with the fruit I love so much. So, I bought some 100% fruit juices, frozen fruit, and frozen veggies and got started making green smoothies.

Anyone who knows me, knows my favorite fruit is strawberries. I often eat up to 1 pound a day when they're in season (and sometimes I even shell out the extra money to eat them off season). This, coupled with my desire to not waste any food and to make smoothie prep quick for my mornings, is why I decided to use frozen fruits and veggies.

I could NEVER justify using fresh strawberries in a smoothie! I would just eat them instead.

My other favorite fruit is raspberries. Ever since I was a kid, I would devour an entire container of raspberries in one sitting and I still do. Unfortunately, I can't stand raspberry seeds in smoothies. So, after a few weeks of trial and error with different smoothie recipes including an attempt with raspberries (way too many seeds!), I realized I needed a blender upgrade and set out to find one that can pulverize raspberry seeds, so I can actually use them in my smoothies. After some research, I decided to buy a Vitamix (in red, of course) and it's amazing!

Check out my blog to see the recipes I've tried and my verdict on whether you should try them!